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“They are more than organic, they are just plain natural.”
– Neil Hochstein


“Alberta Bison Ranch is a natural self-sustaining ranch operation situated on 2500 acres of wide open grasslands in Northern Central Alberta. Our animals graze and roam in a stress-free environment and are raised on the farm from birth to finish, in a pure and natural way.”

NEW - Delivery

Now offering Delivery between Edmonton, Alberta upto Jasper, Alberta - Weekly (Please contact for more details)

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We care and wisht to thank each of you by offering Specails and deals on our products. Please click on the "Star" to find out about our Sales and Specails just for you.


Wild Boar - Coming Soon



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Whole, Halves, Quarters or Bundles/Packages

Prices for whole, halves, quarter or a bundle/packages of bison.


Breeding Stock

Our breeding stock is fed a ready-to-breed diet of hay and grass so their performance does not go down when the breeder sends them out to pasture for breeding.