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Our History

The Meerheimb family ranch began after a trade for a Kenwood Mixer and one beef cow.

The Alberta Bison Ranch has become a success with the experience and support of Lee and Marie Helene Hochstein.

Since then it has grown into a diverse ranching operation and today, it remains under the management of Neil Hochstein their grandson.


Neil takes great pride in running 200 head of Pure Plains Bison, a breeding stock that is hard to beat with a blood line running as far back as 1980.


Our Bison Meat is...

Plains Bison origin

Growth Hormone Free
Antibiotic Free
Prairie Grass Fed

Alberta Bison Ranch started with pure Plains Bison in 1980 and since then has helped other ranchers their Bison herds.
Alberta Bison Ranch bison are raised and fed the pure and natural way, as it should be out on the Northern Alberta grasslands under the big Alberta skies.


* a highly nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein, fat, mineral and fatty acids to its caloric value.

* low in fat (<2%)
* Greater concentration of iron, and some essential fatty acids than beef
* Greater stearic and linolenic fatty acids than beef
* Less palmitic and myristic fatty acids than beef
* Lower palmitic to stearic acid ration compared to beef

Bison rancher carries on family tradition

“I want to leave the land in a better position than when I took it over, that’s sort of my goal.”

To this end, Hochstein always buys locally; avoiding the big box stores for supplies and feels strongly about supporting the community.
There is a lot of mystique around the image of the buffalo. Roaming the North American plains for hundreds of years until people hunted them almost to extinction. But in the 1980s in Canada it was ranchers who helped bring their numbers back, taking bison off the endangered species list through farming.


The Canadian Bison Association (CBA) is a non-profit organization which was established to represent the interests of the bison industry.
The Canadian Bison Association is responsible for providing guidance on a number of issues including: marketing, animal health, research, animal identification, government liaison, trade, traceability, the bison registry, conservation and other developmental initiatives.
Canadian Bison Association Website

Canadian Bison Association Website