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 Information regarding # of animals available
 Price of animal and track record.
 Our breeding stock is fed a ready-to-breed diet of hay and grass so their performance does not go down when the breeder sends them out to pasture for breeding.
Breeding prospects are:
Dewormed Treated with 9 way annually
Pre-tagged: All breeding stock comes with; DNA strand and Weights Average daily gain.
All animals come from a closed herd atmosphere.

Documentation on the lineage of their breeding stock.
Bison were endangered until farmers, ranchers and conservationist starting breeding them.
Bison breeding season runs between July and September
Bison cows rotate through the seasonal estrous cycle
Gestation period for bison is nine months.
Calves are born in May or June.
Bison bulls weigh up to 2000 pounds ~ Bison cows weigh up to 1100 pounds.
Bison cows breed when they are 2 years old and have their first calves at 3 years.
All breeding prospects available
Look for bison in Drayton Valley and Wildrose Auction & Sale.
Bison are always available at Alberta Bison Ranch.